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3DS Pedia Pokemon League [Explained]

Discussion in 'Pokémon League Achieved' started by Marc, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Marc

    Marc Chocolate milk :3 Forum Management

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    Image credit: R-Sraven (text by Marc)​

    Hello Pokemon Trainers, welcome to the 3DS Pedia Pokémon League.

    How does it work?

    Trainers from around the world fight gym leaders over Wi-Fi to earn gym badges. Once a trainer earns all of the gym badges, s/he can participate in the 'Battle for Champion' tournament. This tournament will take place every two months, unless otherwise stated. Edit: because members are having trouble earning gym badges, the previous line may not be accurate.
    • A member must pay 3 Play Coins to challenge a gym leader.
    • There are 6 gyms leaders to challenge.
    • Each gym has its own rules (find gyms at the Pokémon X/Y League section of the forum)
    • Gym badges you earn are displayed in your profile (you will receive them within 24 hours of defeating a gym leader)
    • There is no Elite 4 (this will be added later)
    What's the PRIZE?

    The winner of the first 'Battle for Champion' tournament will be awarded with $20 US eShop credit for 3DS or Wii U games. If the winner owns a European region 3DS, s/he will receive 3,400 Play Coins instead.

    I won all 6 gym badges, what now?

    Once you receive all 6 gym badges, you will be allowed to participate in the 'Battle for Champion' tournament. The champion of this tournament will receive the stated prize and special privileges at 3DS Pedia.

    Note: Every two months, there will most likely be a 'Battle for Champion' tournament. This means you have a shot of becoming the 3DS Pedia Pokémon League's champion every two months. Only 2 members have earned all 6 badges, so it'll be a while.

    Important information:
    • Gym leaders can participate in the 'Battle for Champion' tournament.
    • Gym leaders do not need to earn badges to participate in the 'Battle for Champion' tournament.
    'Battle for Champion' Tournament

    Take note that ONLY Kalos hatched or caught Pokemon are allowed to be used in the 'Battle for Champion' tournament. This means you can transfer over an Infernape with Poke Bank and Poke Transporter, but you'll be required to breed it to get an offspring (this offspring will be allowed in the tournament).

    I want to be a gym leader

    Yes, you can become a gym leader. Of course, you'll have to replace one of the current gym leaders. Before you can achieve this, you must become the champion of this PkMn league at least once. If you are/were the champion, you can request a 'Gym Take Over Battle'.

    Important information:
    • You can only request a 'Gym Take Over Battle' once per month.
    • The gym leader has to accept (if the gym leader rejects the battle request, s/he must accept the next request).
    • The gym leader can use 6 Pokemon while the challenger has to use 5 for a 'Gym Take Over' battle.
    When will this begin

    It already began. You can challenge gym leaders after finding their gym threads in the Pokemon League forum.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2015
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