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Splatoon 2 Do you agree with me when I say the guy Octolings are UGLY?

Discussion in 'Splatoon' started by Marc, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Marc

    Marc Until We Go Down Forum Management

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    2,489 coins
    I mean, look at the girl Octolings compared to the guys :


    The one to the right looks like an elf gone wrong, I can't really tell if the one in the middle is a girl or a boy but I'd put my money on boy, and Mr. Mohawk isn't "that" bad but come on .-.

    The girls are so much more stylish while the guys look like crap IMO.


    What are your thoughts about this? Are you satisfied with how the guy Octolings are in Splatoon 2?
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  2. Kadaj

    Kadaj X-Generation Cetra, the Great Weapon JENOVA Last Remnant

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    177 coins
    well they do look kinda weird... maybe there'll be better styles for the boy octolings later once its released? i do love the way the girl ones look though, they look cool and cute at the same time. for some reason tho if we do get extra styles for either octoling gender, i dont think we'll have that many like with the inklings we have now, but hopefully i'll end up saying boy, was i wrong lol
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  3. NintendoBoi61

    NintendoBoi61 New Kid on the Block Towns Folk

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    12 coins
    They are... certainly interesting:). I think more than anything, the dark rings around their eyes make them look a tad suspicous. Imagine them trying to fit in to modern societyXD! In General, they look good, just the thought of a humansquid hybrid is a bit disturbing. I really want to play Splatoon, but sadly I am poor and struggle toafford things:(.
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  4. Mel

    Mel Pedia Mastermind Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    549 coins
    They are better looking than I thought they would be. For the girls I feel they didnt go with what in single player because the hair would be too bulky for some of the hats. I'm not sure I would play as them, but I am interested in the story expansion