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User Shop Dylan's Sprite Recolour Shop(Revival, as the old one is like, 2 years old with no activity)

Discussion in 'Service Shops' started by TheDwarvesCarst, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. TheDwarvesCarst

    TheDwarvesCarst Savitar Towns Folk

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    Hi everybody I'm now re-doing my sprite recolour shop. I will post some examples below:

    Pokemon Examples:

    Mario Examples:

    Loyalty System:
    1. Legendary Pokemon give 4 points
    2. Random Pokemon give 2 points
    3. Asked Sprite Recolour give 3 points
    4. 3 Random Sprite Recolours give 4 points
    5. 3 Asked Sprite Recolours give 5 points
    6. Set of 7 asked Sprite Recolours gives 10 points
    7. Set of 7 random Sprite Recolours gives 7 points
    8. Mess ups/Prototypes give 3 points
    9. One Time Offers give 4 points
    every 30 points you get a free order from any selection

    Prices are as follow:
    1. Legendary Pokemon: 4pc
    2. Random Sprite Recolours: 2pc
    3. Asked Sprite Recolours: 3pc
    4. 3 Random Sprite Recolours :4pc
    5. 3 Asked Sprite Recolours: 5pc
    6. Set of 7 asked Sprite Recolours: 10pc
    7. Set of 7 random Sprite recolours: 7pc
    8. Random Sprite Sheet:4pc
    9. Asked Sprite Sheet:6pc
    10. Prototypes: 1pc
    Tips are accepted.
    Ready Made/Rare Offers:(4pc)(you can order one of these in the future after they have gone but the order (/\) will cost 1pc extra(will have a list)

    Exeguttor with Weedle Colour Palette:

    Shellder with Tentacool Colour Palette:

    Tentacruel in Shellder Colour Palette:

    Tentalcool with Shellder Colour Palette:

    Weedle with Exeguttor colour palette:

    Current Jobs:

    Pokemon Section:

    Mario Section

    Past jobs:

    Pokemon Section:

    Mario Section:

    Thanks for taking the time out of your day to look at my shop, please leave a like, and please follow me if you haven't already done that. Now, have an awesome day!​
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
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