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Ideas for VGC; Restrictions and Singles format.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Universe' started by B. Alejandro, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. B. Alejandro

    B. Alejandro Your Orange Marsupial Friend Towns Folk

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    Alright, I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but at least hear me out. This is just an opinion for VGC and its competitive reputation as of late.

    So, as you all know, VGC is the official competitive format for any and all Live Pokémon Tournaments, including the prestigious World Championships where the battle format is a team of 6, Doubles, 4v4 format in which you have to knock out all four opposing Pokémon and win the match.

    However, due to some "inappropriate" gestures and inadequate entertainment brought up by certain Poketubers, I feel that I should express my opinion for what TPCi could and possibly consider doing if it wants to keep any aspect of competitive Pokémon alive and turn it into an eSport.

    First on the agenda is to make a ruleset where any form of Legendary or Mythical Pokémon are entirely restricted from being placed on a Trainer's team. That being said, the rule should delve further and also disallow the use of certain Pokémon such as the Land Spirit Tapus, the roaming Legendary Dogs, and even the interstellar Ultra Beasts. I'm not against having mirror matchups, in fact I am quite fond of them and try as best as I can to counter said matchups. But, to alleviate stress amongst younger and more fresher faces to the competitive scene, I believe that restricting the Legendary Pokémon down to at least 2 would balance out more teams in the competitive scenario. What I mean by that is a team sh0uld be allowed either One Tapu and One UB or One of the Forces of Nature and One Legendary Bird, etc. This could open up so many more opportunities for interesting team builds and unique Pokémon that have never got a chance to take the spotlight on the battlefield.

    Second on the idea list is the reintroduction of a Singles battle format where 6 Pokémon are brought, and it is a 3v3 matchup. If you think about it, Pokémon started out as a 1v1 type of strategy/fighter game. If it were to go back to its roots and apply the ruleset mentioned above, tournaments could also go by quicker, making each Trainer think carefully when deciding a team build and on their toes when it comes to a thrilling battle. Of course, Stealth Rock and Spikes would be considerably more favored for Singles teams that want to try and wear down an opponent, whilst tanking hits and getting ready to dish out some strong attacks. Rapid Spin could also be more usable in the Singles VGC format for more faster and frailer teams that want to quickly wipe away the opponent's Pokémon with a solid hit.

    Again, this is just an opinion, but let me know what you guys think about this idea, and maybe GameFreak and TPCi could consider an idea similar to mine in order to Revive (see what I did there?) the Pokémon competitive format. Anyways, don't start flaming plz, and have a great day.