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Mean Teachers

Discussion in 'Academic Discussions' started by SVF Ramen, May 18, 2016.

  1. SVF Ramen

    SVF Ramen NintenPedia Member Towns Folk

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    Every student has had one. I'll say my experience with one. In the 8th grade we learn primarily about American History and the Civil War. Tomorrow the 18th is our 8th grade Civil War reenactment day. As the 5th grade also learns about the Civil War they come. The teacher was assigning parts and every time I asked for mine she would say she was busy. One month before my friend told me that we should sign up to be male dancers. I was reluctant at first but as we were doing it together I said why not. When we went to sign up he said he did not want to dance after I had signed up. I was mad and embarrassed. I kept asking her if I could quit but she kept saying no until one day she told she found a person who could take it. I asked her what my job was and she said I did not have one. I asked about the job the guy who took mine had. She said she could not give it too me. Turns out this kid had 3 jobs. No way he can do all 3 at one time. I kept begging her for one but she would not budge. One day she said okay I'll give you the job to ring a bell every 10 minutes to signal the kid to move on. I said sure. The next day she said that was not necessary anymore. One week before I just accepted the fact that I would not have a part and watch a movie or something while everyone was outside. That is when she said that we would be graded like a test. 100 points. I would automatically fail a test. I was mad. I went home and told my mom. She did not care until I told her I would be failing a test. I asked if I could just skip that day, and she obviously said no. She did say she would call about it though. After calling the school for like an hour the teacher did not comment. Today is the 17th and tomorrow is the day. After talking to my parents about it we both agreed I would stay home if i did chores so take that teacher!
  2. Slayerpon Tatsu

    Slayerpon Tatsu The Nopon King of EXP and Hater of Ignorance Banned User

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    8th grade science teacher. Nuff said
  3. Youngster Joey

    Youngster Joey Professional Profile Stalker Towns Folk

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    My Algebra teacher got mad at me the other day when I accused her of Child-Abuse in front of our whole class. Afterwards, she held me after class to tell me that if the whole class wasn't there, she would've told me that my parents need to yell at me more often. I almost flipped my desk and walked out. I was completely right in the situation, because she had just finished a story about how she made her son cry the previous night, and was proud about her child's misery.
  4. Ace

    Ace Aaannnd boom! goes the Dynamite. Towns Folk

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    I heard from my mother that a favorite half bro of mine was a "Little disruptive" in class, because a habit he got from drumming. (He'd gently shift his feet to a beat in his head, but he never made a sound at all.) That teacher called my mother in and basically said, "Your son has a really bad case of ADHD and needs some meds." (No he doesn't by the way.) My mother responded with, "Are you a doctor?" She asked her that because she knew the teacher couldn't diagnose my half bro. (or prescribe meds he didn't need either.) My mom didn't need to tell the teacher off after that, but she did leave with the teacher's pride hurt and unable to respond.

    I'm sure your peers were amazed by your speaking up to the situation. (People may hold their pride, their virtues, or their belief that their justified in their actions. But it sounded like you really scared that teacher. If word goes out, (and no doubt people will talk about this.) she may shortly become an outcast.)
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  5. Mykaelochi

    Mykaelochi Pokemon Master Towns Folk

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    Well I have this golf coach, that leads this golf team that my mom insisted I join. Personally I really don't like the guy. When his one varsity student messed up a drive on the range, I overheard him say ''I'm going to wrap this club around your neck.'' Fortunately he hasn't said anything out of the way to me. But it's still very uncomfortable and don't feel like playing golf anymore. Additionally, when some of my peers screwed up a chipping challenge (which I didn't fail) he told them to go join the other ''knobs''. I pretty sure it's an insult, Anyway that's my story.
  6. Youngster Joey

    Youngster Joey Professional Profile Stalker Towns Folk

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    I won't translate what the "Britishism" for knob is, but you can search it up if you want
  7. Mykaelochi

    Mykaelochi Pokemon Master Towns Folk

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    *sigh* this coach of mine has some nerve. I knew it was something along those lines. He could have just said: that was an terrible shot. But no. Anyway, thanks!
  8. Apollo

    Apollo Time Mage Towns Folk

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    Biology teacher. She picks on me for no reason. It's a good thing that I still got a high grade in that class. But, she was totally horrible.
  9. Natsu Swagneel

    Natsu Swagneel ShoutBox Killer and #1 Pedia Murder Victim Banned User

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    My (second) Science teacher. The old one was my favorite teacher, but she had to quit because she was pregnant.

    I will not go into the reasons, unless somebody really wants to know for some odd reason.
  10. Shin

    Shin He with the heart of wood. Banned User

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    My year 4 teacher (that'd be 3rd grade for anyone in the US of A) was very mean and turned all my questions around and insulted me. Like when he was talking about who does the dishes and chores etc. in his house he Ajax something along the lines of "I do the dishes my self" becuase some of the kids asked what his wife does and they asked if she does the chores. So me being me asks "Doesn't your wife do any work" then he goes and shouts "No she doesn't do all the work you sexist little boy" smh.

    And there's more. Some kid wasn't paying attention in class and the teacher asked him (we'll call him Percy for privacy sake) "Percy which one of these shapes on the Whiteboard is a triangle?" (He probably thought we didn't know anything at all) so Percy says "62" everyone laughed and then the teacher says "Huh I'm surprised Light didn't say that!" Then he starts laughing at me. (I had the best grades in our year so I don't know what his problem was)
  11. -_Roberto_-

    -_Roberto_- Businessman Banned User

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    My teachers sued me. They said I was encouragable. All I did was ride my scooter into the school and slurred a few times. That's no reason to sue someone.

    I think it was racism. Just because I'm hispanic I'm encourigable?
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  12. Bobcam7!

    Bobcam7! *Consuming itself* Towns Folk

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    I've never really had a MEAN teacher but a strict one? I've got a heck of a story to tell you...

    So for grade five I got a teacher who taught my DAD at the same school, and he was no-nonsense. We all had to do a spelling sheet and glue it into our journals and then give them to him. Unfortunately the ENTIRE class (Minus one) were all so lazy, we didn't use glue, didn't finish the sheet, ect, he went through every journal and every one that had something wrong with it he would call it crap and throw it on the ground and have the owner pick it up off the floor, but, in all fairness he did ask us to follow his instructions. But wait, who ends up feeling good in this situation? Kids crying, the parents were going to call the school, only three people were in good moods that day:

    The girl who had actually listened completely.

    And me and my friend because we were the true lazy arses and FORGOT TO HAND THEM IN! We fixed our mistakes and didn't get yelled at.

    I actually can now think of a teacher that was pretty darn mean to us though...

    Grade 7 Home Ed teacher graded us WAY too harshly. As in, stitches on this are too big redo it. She also threatened to give me detention for wearing a hoodie in class.
  13. MeltedIceCream

    MeltedIceCream Still a newbie That one stalker

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    I have a story about a EA teacher (Basically a teacher who takes care of a student with a disorder)
    For the simplicity of the story were gonna call her Mrs.Grump

    Okay so it was in June it was very hot so a students dad brought freezies for the class.
    (The student had a disorder she couldn't talk or walk without someone helping her.And surprise her helper was Mrs.Grump.)
    So we got an extra recess outside to eat the freezies and most of the students got a freezie as soon as they got outside.

    Now here's were the teacher freaks out.
    So the EA starts yelling at us for eating the freezies this is what she said:
    "You're all such ride kids you should've let me cut it"
    And she got really mad.
    Then us students who didn't get a freezie be like :panda:
    "You didn't tell us anything and we don't even have one yet"
    Then a student said "sorry Mrs.Grump wanna cut mine now?"
    Then she yelled "Who cares whatever I'm not doing it anymore"
    So five min later after we all got our freezies.
    The teacher yelled at us AGAIN
    She's like " Even you kids did the same thing!"
    Then in my mind I was like "What should we do you don't wanna cut them anymore
    what do you want lady"
    And we were there like uh.?..

    And that's my story.
    This really did happen this year
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  14. NES

    NES Pokemon Trainer Towns Folk

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    One teacher I had wasn't necessarily mean, just very pompous and bitter. He was teaching a general level of 9th grade English (This was the around 1992.) Anyway, he was one of those persecuted right-wing Christian types. So, anyhow, he would give us lectures about how the peace sign was an inverted mockery of the cross and anti-drug messages which seemed to infer that us students were the offspring of drug-related birth defects. :rolleyes: Note, the response of the students was always silent - like fish in an aquarium. :meh:

    Anyway, it's funny how people say the left controls colleges and indoctrinates. But we can see that the right does the same when given the opportunity.
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  15. Mykaelochi

    Mykaelochi Pokemon Master Towns Folk

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    108 coins
    Funny that you mention this because I have spent considerable time reading about Foreign Policy, education, and the acclaimed linguist, philosopher, historian, social critic, and political activist Noam Chomsky. His thoughts on education may sound a bit strange at first, as he calls it ''...imposed ignorance'', but I think it happens to ring true. For example, I'm currently in an Honors Algebra 2 with Trigonometry course (although I am beginning my studies into differential calculus), and much of course just involves my teacher just giving out formulas to memorize, plug and chug with some examples, do homework, and eventually take a quiz/test/exam. Almost nowhere along the way is there any mention of a mathematical proof or justification. Even for something as elementary as the Pythagorean theorem or the formula for the area of a triangle; nothing. Usually I am the one who points these things out. Of course, nobody understands what the hell you're saying because almost everyone is indoctrinated into rote memorization and worrying about tests. I think the problem is nicely phased by Noam Chomsky: "If you quitely accept and go along no matter what your feelings are, ultimately you internalize what you're saying, because it's too hard to believe one thing and say another. I can see it very strikingly in my own background. Go to any elite university and you are usually speaking to very disciplined people, people who have been selected for obedience. And that sense. If you've resisted the temptation to tell the teacher, "You're an a******," which maybe he or she is, and if you don't say, "That's idiotic," when you get a stupid assignment, you will gradually pass through the required filters. You will end up at a good college and eventually with a good job."
  16. NES

    NES Pokemon Trainer Towns Folk

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    The teacher was sort of racist, in a sense. He's basically teaching a bunch of kids that he is convinced are low class - otherwise, why would they be on a general level course, not advanced? However, the students he taught, due to the area, were all white students. But it was a matter of what you call the rednecks and their opposites.

    Anyway, note, there was another teacher like that - and it was much the same situation - no ability to connect. However, there were teachers that were too friendly and they let the students goof off too much, but because they were coaches, they could get away with murder.
  17. Leaandro15

    Leaandro15 Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

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    My 2nd grade teacher was really mean she flunked my sister for being mean and there was no reason to flunk her also she wanted to flunk my brother just that my mom reported her to the district like honestly she was mean and I hate her a lot she knew my brothers and I were related so she was mean to me too I remember she would make me sit outside when I didn't do my homework and look at the board she was very terrible she would also put me on the spot when I was doing something I didn't like her at all and my 3rd grade teacher was nice and mean she only got my attention when I cussed and took my recess away and my 4th grade teacher didn't teach us anything she was uselesss every Monday through Friday we had to go to a class with another teacher she was basically our teacher and Thursday we were with her I remember one time the mean teacher made me cry because she said I was stupid and I needed to bring my book and not forget it even though it was my first time she was mean and in 10th grade I remember my World History teacher was mean and he would always put videos and sometimes the videos were so loud that it scared me and I jumped and people probably laughed at me I remember one time I finished and assignment and it was due until next week and I finished it and he saw it and then he ripped it and I was mad ,but what was there to do also my other English teacher used to talk s*** about everyone and I hated her people I hated this teachers because they never helped me out and instead were mean and they weren't nice.
  18. Whovian#1

    Whovian#1 Shockingly smart Towns Folk

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    I haven't had any downright mean teachers, at least they weren't mean to me or I don't remember them. Although I had two teachers in 3rd grade and in 9th grade who both didn't like me for one reason or another. It was so annoying. Although the teacher in 9th grade was really weird. For some reason she treated girls way more unfairly than boys. She was totally sexist, just against boys. So my class had her first period, and on multiple occassions my friend (who's a boy) would come in late, and this teacher would get mad at him for being late and told him to go get a pass. Then a girl would walk in like 5-10 minutes later and she wouldn't do anything do about it.
    Also this same friend of mine went to ask her a question about the final, and she yelled at him and told him to get out because supposedly her boyfriend broke up with her. So yeah that was pretty funny. Also that same teacher thought I said shut up to her, when I was talking to my friend. So yeah, that class was a lot of fun.