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MH World not really far away from switch?

Discussion in 'Monster Hunter' started by EstebanTill2, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. EstebanTill2

    EstebanTill2 Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

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    Hello people, how are you? I am fine, and today I am bringing you some piece of news that could be worth paying attention to. We already know, from Capcom itself, that right at this moment, there is no porting of their iconic franchise Monster hunter world to the nintendo switch. The game is available on ps4, xbox 1 and pc. Well, that could change in a while since there are some people interested in porting the game to the hybrid console. These people are from Iron Galaxy Studios and they have claimed that they like challenges and bringing Monster hunter world to swith is no tiny challenge. More specifically, I am talking about Adam Boyes who has addressed Capcom through his twitter account.

    So, this is it people, there are some developers who are willing to accept the challenge of bringing monster hunter world to the nintendo switch, what do you think about it? Do you think it would sell well on the switch? Would you get it on switch?

    Here is the source

  2. coolflare

    coolflare The flame of wonder and coolness Pedia Battle King

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    They did port Skyrim on Switch relatively well and worked on Killer Instinct on Xb1 so I can trust them with such a port.

    Only problem I have is that the game would need to run at 720p @30fps docked, and on the Original PS4, it runs at 1080p @30fps and on original XB1, 864p @30fps. Both the original PS4 and XB1 versions have slight frame dips (and since the switch is weaker, it’ll be more susceptible).

    For this to run on switch, changing how the textures look will almost be a necessity, probably making the game look muddier. The game looks beautiful but I wish it wasn’t a cut they had to make. At least they won’t be betraying the Nintendo fans if Capcom decides to green light it.
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