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Sectional Rules

Discussion in 'Wi-Fi & Planning Plaza' started by Matthew, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Matthew

    Matthew WE ARE... MARSHALL!! 3DS Pedia Contributor

    Play Coins:
    8 coins
    In this forum, you may set up matches/trades that do not involve the usage of Play Coins. You can also post up threads seeking advice or asking for feedback about something that you want to do at the Nookling Junction.

    Examples of what are allowed in this forum:


    Pokemon to Pokemon
    Items to Bells
    Pokemon to Bells

    Online Play:

    Fights in any Nintendo based game
    Animal Crossing Town Visits

    Posts within this forum do not count towards PC due to the quality of posts expected to go on within this forum. Posts also do not count towards any posting contest/quality posting contest, and referrals required to post in order to count as a referral will not have their posts counted in this forum.

    Updated: Use the pinned friend code exchange topic if you only want to exchange friend codes with other members. If there's a specific game you want to play with others, you can start a new thread asking for friend codes from players who own the game.
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Thread Status:
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