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Why does Everyone want themes on Switch?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch Console' started by Agentperson, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Agentperson

    Agentperson Not a Meme Towns Folk

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    50 coins
    After watching a Video about update 5.0, I looked at the comments and there were alot (or some idk) about why there isn't themes in the new Update. Isn't black and white enough? Well we could sell them for pc here but really not worth the same as 3ds' unless they have them at the same points. I am thinking that they are are sticking with it only for the 3ds
    The internet browser thou, a Whole different story
  2. Mel

    Mel Pedia Mastermind Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    549 coins
    Some people just really like having their home screen more lively. I'm the type of person who uses the default wallpapers for desktops. I do actually like a majority of the 3DS themes, but I never saw the point in going out of my way to get and use them. Themes just add personality to a user's system and I feel a majority of people love to customized their layout. So they are nice to have even though I wouldn't use them myself.
  3. Furyofthestorm78

    Furyofthestorm78 Pokemon Master Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    152 coins
    Themes would be awesome, I didn't think I was bothered , but then I realised the 3ds ones had music aswell as pictures, I have bought a few.
    It is awesome to open up a 3ds and have it play a piece of Legend of Zelda music, even if I rarely have sound on. I do hope that the background can be changed one day on the Switch, maybe a picture from screenshots if you don't want to pay for a theme.