Heroes of Ruin For Nintendo 3DS

Heroes of Ruin 3DS Game Box Cover Art

Region Release date
North America July 17, 2012
UK/Europe June 15, 2012
Japan Not available

Heroes of Ruin is an action role-playing game (RPG) for the Nintendo 3DS that was developed by n-Space and published by Square Enix. During the gamepaly, the player battles various enemies (eg. beasts and fencers) in this dungeon-crawler game. The game supports voice chatting which is sort of rear for a Nintendo 3DS game, ignoring the fact that the system comes with a built-in Mic.

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69 out of 100

Metacritic MetaScore

7 out of 10


Using StreetPass technology, it makes it possible for players to trade items with another player using a feature known as Traders Network. It’s also possible to sell in-game items in exchange for points to purchase unobtainable items. With SpotPass technology, Heroes of Ruin gamers can complete daily challenges after a year of release.

Questions Answers
Wi-Fi Multiplayer Gameplay Yes
Local Multiplayer Gameplay Yes
Game Available at eShop No

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