Mario Tennis Open For Nintendo 3DS

Mario Tennis Open 3DS Game Box Cover Art

Region Release date
North America May 20, 2012
UK/Europe May 25, 2012
Japan May 24, 2012

Mario Tennis Open is a sports video game for the Nintendo 3DS that was developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo. The game uses well known characters from the Mario franchise, and players take advantage of these characters to play against the CPU or a friend via local wireless or Wi-Fi.

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69 out of 100

Metacritic MetaScore

6.5 out of 10


Mario Tennis Open is the first Mario Tennis game to feature online multiplayer gameplay. Players have the options of playing standard tennis matches or special tennis matches with different rules and objectives. It is possible to play 2 Vs 2 matches. The game includes twenty-five playable characters, each with special qualities that the player can take advantage of. Players can also use the 3DS gyroscope by rotating the console to turn the in-game camera.

List of playable characters in Mario Tennis Open :

  • Mario (all-around)
  • Luigi (all-around)
  • Peach (technique)
  • Yoshi (speed)
  • Daisy (technique)
  • Boo (tricky)
  • Bowser Jr. (tricky)
  • Diddy Kong (speed)
  • Donkey Kong (power)
  • Waluigi (defense)
  • Wario (power)
  • Boswer (power)

List of unlockable, playable characters in Mario Tennis Open :

  • Luma (technique)
  • Baby Mario (speed)
  • Baby Peach (tricky)
  • Dry Bowser (defense)

List of QR downloadable, playable characters in Mario Tennis Open :

  • Red Yoshi (technique)
  • Blue Yoshi (speed)
  • Light Blue Yoshi (speed)
  • Yellow Yoshi (power)
  • Pink Yoshi (technique)
  • Black Yoshi (all-around)
  • White Yoshi (tricky)
  • Metal Mario (power)

Note : in order to play with a colored Yoshi, you must first scan its QR code.

Questions Answers
Wi-Fi Multiplayer Gameplay Yes
Local Multiplayer Gameplay Yes
Game Available at eShop Yes

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