10 Platinum Coins- Secret Missions on My Nintendo

Published on April 1st, 2016 by PersonSP

So do you have a My Nintendo account yet? If so, you’re probably trying to rack up some coins to get rewards. The way to do that is through missions, but did you know about secret missions? So far one has been found, but there might be more coming in the future. This one is a silly game of whack-the-mole and will get you 10¬†Platinum coins. Neat, right?

Ready to get yourself 10 Platinum Coins? Here’s a little tutorial.

  1. Log in on your My Nintendo account
  2. Scroll all the way down on the My Nintendo page
  3. Do you see that little brown block in the down right corner? Click it.

    Mario themed, Nintendo style.
    There’s the block!
  4. The page will scroll upwards, now look at your Mii.
  5. Is it holding a little box? Good! Click it!
  6. Let the whack-the-mole minigame ensue!
  7. Click it a couple times and you’ll get 10 Platinum coins. Enjoy!

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