The 3DS Pedia Team – List of our Contributors

  • Name: Gervais D.
  • Position: Webmaster of 3DS Pedia.
  • Contact: Twitter | Forum.

Gervais, also known as Marc at forums, is a Nintendo fan who created this lovely website. He writes tutorials, news, and reviews for He also shares information when there’s a sale that’s too good to miss – either it be hardware or software.

  • Name: Spinnerweb
  • Position: Administrator / Editor.
  • Contact: Forum. | Twitter

Spinnerweb lives in obscurity and loves Valkyria Chronicles.

  • Name: Rocío V.
  • Position: Writer at 3DS Pedia.
  • Contact: Twitter | Forum.

Rocío, also known as Kaynil at forums, is crazy about The Legend of Zelda video game series. Zelda related video games, merchandise, you name it. If you’re having trouble with a Zelda game, she can quickly provide you with an answer.

Dwi always learns to fuse wordsmith and gaming experience together. He’s also a video game music and book enthusiast.

  • Name: D4rkDragon
  • Position: Writer.
  • Contact: Forum.

D4rkDragon is a proud owner of a Nintendo 3DS and his first console was the GameCube. He enjoys games like Super Smash Bros., Monster Hunter, and Mario. He also enjoys RPGs like Persona and Pokémon.

  • Name: Jandkas
  • Position: Reviewer / Writer.
  • Contact: Forum.

Jandkas (Hugh Kim) is an avid video game enthusiast from Seoul, South Korea. From childhood he has played many classics like Super Mario, Sonic to modern marvels like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Owns GB-SP, DS, 3DS, Wii, NES, and a PC. His appetite for good games is limitless.

  • Name: Jess
  • Position: Reviewer / Writer.
  • Contact: Forum.

Jess is a happy owner of a 3DS and Wii U. Her hobbies are singing, drawing, reading, watching anime, and of course, playing video games.