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Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Do you want more Nintendo Switch games?
  2. Are you into rating games and sharing your opinion about them?
  3. And do you have a passion for writing?

Write for Ninten Pedia

If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, let’s get in touch. We’re looking for some new blood to expand the number of genres we’re able to tackle. As it’s a volunteer position, you’ll be playing games in your free time to write about them later. We take pride in our reviews and usually finish games before writing about them. If that sounds like something you’re cool with, don’t hold back on messaging us.

Before you join our team, you’ll have to go through some tests. If you pass with flying colors, you’re in. But do take note that almost half of the people who apply end up failing. Keep that in mind and give it your all if you’re serious about joining.

Types of games we need reviewers for the most

Note: Don’t worry if the area you excel in the most isn’t there.

  • Fighting
  • Platformers
  • RPGs
  • Retro
  • Sport / Racing
  • Visual Novels
  • Shooters, especially bullet hell
  • 18+ Games

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