5 Tips To Be Faster In Sonic Lost World

Published on November 3rd, 2013 by Eric Weichhart
Clearing Level - Sonic Lost World
So hard to get…

1. Finish the game

This is important because you will need to unlock every wisp. Some of them will help you a lot when using shortcuts. Also, when you finish the game, you will have enough experience with the game itself.

2. Memorize the level

There are many paths in every level therefore the faster you learn, the better. This is important as if you do not, you may fail. You can learn the level easily if you play it many times. Some paths will require a lot of skills, another can be skipped and some of them can be made faster using wisps.

3. One level at a time

This will save you time because you can try every level in a random sequence, taking you triple the amount of time. Also, you can’t lose lives when you’re speed-running therefore I advise that you concentrate on one level at time.

4. Master the controls

The better you control the Spin Dash, the faster you will play. The better you control the Parkour system and take the shortcuts, the job will become a lot easier. The better you control wisps, the better paths you can use. Like I said in the review, it’s important to use the resources you have.

5. Disable hints

This can save you some seconds in some levels furthermore if you learn how to play, this function becomes invalid.

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