Abandoned Temple Of Qalis Location in Summer in Mara

Published on June 14th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Eventually, you will get a KOA quest to find Napopo:

“Search for Napopo in the Abandoned Temple Of Qalis.”

Failure to find the little guy will result in being unable to board your boat or continue receiving further KOA quests. This guide will point you in the direction to find the Abandoned Temple Of Qalis so that you can find Napopo and continue with the main quests of the game.

Where to find the Abandoned Temple Of Qalis in Summer in Mara

The fastest way to find the Abandoned Temple Of Qalis is by going to the Beach Arch and walking on the right-hand side on the shore. Keep moving rightward and you’ll eventually find a grassy rock hill to climb.

Qalis Beach Arch in Summer in Mara
Beach Arch of Qalis. Go in the direction Koa is facing.

Climb up and go left until you find the Abandoned Temple Of Qalis. You should discover a camp along the way, therefore, if you do, it’s confirmation that you’re going in the correct direction.

If you’re still having trouble finding the temple for some reason, you can open up the map by pressing [+] on the Nintendo Switch, followed by the Y button to bring up the Map of Qalis. You should find a new character icon on the map which should give you a better sense of direction.

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