How To Add A Friend As A VIP in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Published on December 11th, 2016 by Gervais D.

Pokemon Sun and Moon have a VIP list which lets you have easier access to people for battles/trades over Wi-Fi. This guide teaches you how to add someone as a VIP in the games.

How to add someone as a VIP in Pokemon Sun/Moon

  1. Open “Festival Plaza” and connect to the Internet. To connect to the Internet, you must press the blue icon at the bottom-right corner of your 3DS bottom screen.
  2. Initiate a trade or a battle with the person you want to add as a VIP.
  3. Once back at the¬†Festival Plaza, search for the person’s avatar and talk to them.
  4. Select “I’ll register you as my VIP”.

Adding VIP in Pokemon Sun/Moon
The person should now be on your VIP list.

You can access your VIP list by selecting the arrow next to the default “Guest List” after choosing the battle or trade option from the Festival Plaza.

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