How To Get and Add A Nintendo Switch Friend Code

Published on March 16th, 2017 by Sammi

Friend codes have returned to the Nintendo Switch. They can enable you to befriend and play with dear companions over local play or Wi-Fi connection. Boasting its prowess and innovation as Nintendo’s first dockable console, the Switch offers the features of innovative gameplay as well as connectivity with fellow Nintendo gamers.

In this easy to follow guide, I will show you how to expand connectivity and enable you to connect with other fellow Nintendo players via Switch.

How to get your Nintendo Switch friend code

As the current 3DS modes use 12-digit Friend Codes, the Switch follows that rule a little bit differently. Fret not! The appearance of Friend Codes is as easy to find as follows:

Nintendo Switch Friend Code

If you go to your Page, which can be found at the top left of the Switch’s HOME menu, you can access your account and Play activity. Above the Play Activity, you will notice the letters “SW”, followed by a 12-digit number.  That, my friends, is you friend code on the Nintendo Switch! To obtain a Friend Code, simply connect to the internet and set up your profile as per usual. You will then be able to access and share your Friend Code with fellow players.

How to add a friend code to your Nintendo Switch friend list

So, you finally found your Friend code. Great! Now the next step is just as simple as the first. Share your friend code! But, wait! Where do I register friends on my Nintendo Switch?

I’m glad you asked, FAQ. Here’s the low down on how to add friends to your Switch system:

Nintendo Switch Profile Page

Next to your profile, you’ll notice some subsections along the left-hand side of your page. The place you are heading for is the “Add Friend” subsection.

Receive friend request - Nintendo Switch

Once you scroll down to “Add Friend”, you will see this menu screen pop up. From here, you can receive and send Friend Requests via this menu. This is how it all works;

Search for local users

Much like Miitomo, the Switch uses playing card symbols to connect to users of the same symbol.  As such, tap the same symbol with a friend to instantly connect to the other’s Switch.


This console is still relatively new, but once multiplayer platforms hit the stage, you can search through the numerous of players encountered via Wi-Fi or Local.

Search with a friend code

The basic premises of this method follows the 3DS’ way of adding friends.  However, instead of both parties requiring to share Friend Codes, their Friend Invite will be sent to the recipient’s “Received Friend Requests” up on the top of the menu.  You can then check which Friend Requests you have sent via “Sent Friend Requests”.

Suggested friends

These are the users you befriended on apps like Miitomo and Super Mario Run that are linked to your Nintendo account.  You will automatically be able to send friend requests to the user without the need for a Friend Code.

And that is how to add friends on the Nintendo Switch!  Simple enough, right?  I hope this guide was easy to follow, and I’ll see you beauties in the next one!

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