All Spencer’s Vault Locations in Nexomon: Extinction

Published on August 28th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Having trouble figuring out what the vault keys are used for or where to find the Spencer’s Vault locations in Nexomon: Extinction? This guide has you covered, listing all/most of the Spencer’s Vault locations so you can get their rewards.

Spencer’s Vault #1

West of the Outlanders camp, there should be a cave covered up in weeds. After using the fire power, you’ll be able to enter. Inside the cave, go to the top-right corner and you’ll find an entrance to the vault room.

List Of Rewards:

  • Holoch Companion
  • Tribute of Power
  • 550 Coins
  • Ghost Nexotraps

Spencer’s Vault #2

East of the Immortal Citadel lies a cave with a vault room. To get there, go east from the Immortal Citadel and keep going east until you reach the next area, further than the camp area (there should be an exit at the top-right corner). Go up and you should eventually find a cave. Inside the cave, go forward and use the wind power to jump to the next side, then head right until you find the vault room entrance.

List Of Rewards:

  • Malitress Companion
  • Tribute of Decay
  • 550 Coins
  • 2 Max Elixirs
  • 2 Fire Nexotraps

Spencer’s Vault #4

After teleporting yourself to Ignitia, go east and through the routes until you’re in an area with where wild Nexomon can be encountered. Go down and follow the path. You should find a cave and someone outside of it. Enter the cave, go to the right entrance, and eventually, you’ll find the vault room.

List Of Rewards:

  • Vodo Companion
  • Tribute of Mind
  • 550 Coins
  • Max Either
  • Electric Nexotraps

Spencer’s Vault #5

Go to The Drake Isles and head east. At the bottom-left corner, there should be a cave. Go inside, follow the route, climb up the stairs, make a left, and go up instead of leaving through the left exit. Keep moving forward and use the wind power to get to the other side. There should be an entrance to the vault.

List Of Rewards:

  • Wargovle Companion
  • Tribute of Tempest
  • 550 Coins
  • Dragon Whisle

Spencer’s Vault #7

Wrap yourself to the Orphanage. Go left until you see the camp with the healer and several other NPCs. Go south and you’ll eventually come across an area surrounded by water to the left with a hole. Use the wind power to cross the water and enter.

Spencer’s Vault #7 should be inside after going through the top-left entrance.

List Of Rewards:

  • Lioness Companion
  • Tribute of Thunder
  • Coins

Spencer’s Vault #8

Teleport to the Frozen Tundra Base. Move down and then left to enter the next area. It should be a bridge. Cross it and move to the next area. Go down the stairs and go next to the tamer. There should be a cave above him. Enter it.

Inside at the top-left corner of the cave, there should be stairs. Go down it and enter the next area. Follow the direct path until you discover two routes – one leading to the vault room and the other leading to an exit. Go to the vault room.

List Of Rewards:

  • Raksuma Companion
  • Tribute of Nature
  • 500 Coins
  • Golden Nexotrap

Spencer’s Vault #9

Teleport to Lateria and go to the east exit. Keep going right and you’ll eventually find a cave surrounded by water. An old, explorer tamer should be on the left side seeking a battle, claiming it’s his cave. Use the power to freeze the water and enter the cave. Straight ahead should be an entrance to the vault to claim the goodies.

List Of Rewards:

  • Lunabelle Campanion
  • Tribute of Stone
  • 450 Coins
  • Discount Voucher
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