Preview: Arcane Pixel Making Tiny Galaxy For The Wii U eShop

Published on August 1st, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

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It looks like the HTML5 support for the Wii U made a big impact to the Nintendo eShop, where a lot of indies decided to start making games in the market and for the console, being the first game Blok Drop U.

Now, Arcane Pixel announced they’re releasing Tiny Galaxy to the Wii U eShop, still, we were able to talk with the developer¬†Taylor Hajash to know more details about the project.

Tiny Galaxy will be a traditional platform game where the formula is bent to a big circle, so instead of going from point A to B in a flat platform, the player will be able to travel across round planets of different sizes. This doesn’t end here, because each planet has its own gravity, and they’re different collectibles the player needs to get in order to access to the next level. Tiny Galaxy will also have a story, but it still a work in progress, so I wasn’t able to get details about it.

I also asked some elements from the game’s development: it has been in development actively for the past 3 months, where Taylor has been working alone, including the design, concept, art, programming, everything expect music, where he recently started to work with someone else in this section.

I also asked about the game’s content and release, being one of the reason the player decides to buy the game. Tiny Galaxy will contain a minimum of five worlds, with different design each including, and a total of 50 to 75 levels. He also confirmed he doesn’t have plans for DLC, where he prefer to pay for a full, complete game, instead of paying for extra content that is already in the game.

You can read the official announcement below and also, a little gallery:

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