How To Change A Character Skin Color in ARMS

Published on July 13th, 2017 by Fooni

Choosing an alternative color skin for an ARMS character is really easy. Nintendo provided us with a hint to do it although they did not mention how. This guide shows you how to change the skin color of your ARMS character for the Nintendo Switch.

Changing ARMS Character Color Skin

  1. Go into any match in the game.
  2. Move your highlight to your favorite character.
  3. Press your Left Control Stick in and hold it.
  4. Change the direction of the Left Control Stick to any direction while holding Up, Down, Left or Right.
  5. Press A Button to choose your character.

There are 3 colors each per character in the game.

Changing skin color of ARMS character

The benefits to choosing a different color is so you won’t confuse yourself with others online. Sometimes if you play Team Matches online, you might confuse yourself with your partner and your opponent. In online party mode matches, there will be a time where you have a three-way fight and a majority of the time your opponents will have the same color as default as most players are just starting the game. By choosing a different color just before a match starts, you can differ yourself from the opponents if there are more than one player in the match. Beware as your opponent can sometimes use the same color as your alternate color online. Therefore you should always think about choosing a different color each time before a match begins.

Ribbon Girl alternative costume color in ARMS for Nintendo Switch

Not only choosing a different color will benefit you online, but it can also be used for taking screenshots in-game and sharing it with others on social media.

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