Autumn Temple Completion Guide in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons

Published on September 1st, 2020 by Gervais D.

If you’re having trouble clearing the Autumn Temple in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons, this guide should show you step by step how to complete it.

Autumn Temple Completion Guide

After entering the Autumn Temple, you should notice a locked door. To open this door, you must use the blue/winter season power on the cog to the right. This should open the door to allow you to enter the next area.

After advancing to the next area, you’ll notice multiple sections. Use the technique from before to open the area to the right. You’ll have to get on the other side of the platform. To do this, use a season power at the edge to summon water. Swim through the water and make a jump to try to get to the other platform. Now use the red season power to hit the stone.

After clearing the left and right rooms by pulling the golden metal string, use your season powers by stacking one on top of the other to get to higher areas or across platforms. You should find a slingshot at this time, which allows you to fire season powers and activate their effects.

You will eventually come across a room with a door where you’ll need to use your seasonal powers to hit a right cog, a stone, and a ball at the top. The slingshot comes in handy during this part.

In the next room, you’ll need to get the boxes on the square areas to trigger the opening of the gate:

Use the red season power and pull the gold string, then use the blue season power on the ball in the middle. Swim to get the energy ball and double jump to the other side to place it. Now you’ll have to stack season powers to swim straight up to go to a new area at the front end of the room.

Golem Room

This is another tricky part. You need to drag the ball out of the Golem room and get it as near to the edge as possible. Use the blue winter season power on it to form an ice passageway. Keep dragging it to continue the pathway and move it onto the circular area to open the top gate. Keep doing this until there are no more and you’ll be able to proceed as usual.

Pull the golden string in the next room and use your seasonal powers and slingshot to summon water to maneuver through the traps. After making it through the traps safely, go to the next area and shoot three slingshot season shots at the floor to summon three bodies of water to safely dive into them and swim through to the other side, without touching the spikes on the ground.

In the next two rooms, hit the stone with the red season power.

There should be a new room with green checker marked platforms. After getting the item you came to the temple for, climb these platforms on the left side and try to make it to the right side’s platform by hitting the red light with the slingshot’s red seasonal power. You will need to make a run for it to get through the gate before it closes. If it closes, return to the left upper platform and use the slingshot again.

After going through the green previously locked door, you should be back in a familiar area. You’ll need to go right through two more areas to get back at the locked door. This will require jumping to get to the next platform. You may need to use your season powers on a cog in the first area to make the platform move so that it’s easier to jump. The next area will require you to get on the highest platform with the seesawing platform.

If you do everything right, you should be at the locked door with the top blue symbol. The key should open it.

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