Azure Striker Gunvolt: New Details, No DLC, No Eng Dub

Published on July 16th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Azure Striker Gunvolt Loho

So many bad and good news about Azure Striker Gunvolt: There is no English dub and the Japanese dub isn’t complete, and for the other side there is no DLC and new great for the game are confirmed.

The first thing is the localization: there won’t be English voices for the game nor the full Japanese will be fully localization, being only for the battle part (for example, the opening song won’t contain voices), as confirmed here:

They also confirmed there won’t be DLC for the game:

And also new detail about the game, being most of them explained with gifs showing game footage:

Are you still or more hyped about this game? We are.

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