How To Beat Gogmazios in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Published on April 14th, 2017 by Tristan

The Gogmazios is a tough fight in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It has some super attacks that are capable of 1-Hit KOing you if you’re not careful, especially if you have not unlocked Demolisher Ammo. This isn’t really a guide, but some tips and tricks to helping defeat him.

How To Beat Gogmazios in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Set Up your Team Carefully:

I’d recommend having at least two insect glaives with you who stay in the center of the arena and continually mount attack. Everyone else should have weapons they are best with, hopefully something that can move or dodge fast when in the arena floor. If you can mount him right at the beginning it will give you a slight boost.

Gogmazios is weakest against dragon and fire elements, therefore you should carry weapons of those types. He is also defensive mostly against water so avoid that element if possible.

Have a dedicated bomber:

Have someone on your team be the person who run the cart and loads it with bombs. This actually does a large amount of damage if you can connect with most of your shots. If you have someone whose main job it is to do this, it will prevent confusion and people stealing the cart from others.

Don’t forget the arena traps:

The Battlequarters arena come packed with quite a few helpful things for fighting the Gagmazios, and you would be best to not forget them. The restraints can be used to freeze him for a short period of time to get in a few free hits. He will sometimes crawl up one of the walls, this is when you use the Dragonator to hit him where it hurts, and prevent him spewing a giant tar bomb.

Bring LOTS of items:

Bring all the items you can. Potions as well as items to make more. Combo books. Ancient and Max potions. Life powder and Lifecrystals. Energy drinks and Demon potions. Whetstones. Basically get loaded up and ready with everything you can take.

Be a coward:

If the Gogmazios gets angry RUN AWAY! You can tell when he’s angry by when he flies up into the air, or starts roaring and moving quicker than normal. If climbs up a wall RUN AWAY! (Or hit the dragonator.) You may be afraid, but you’ll hopefully be alive. Especially if you see him readying a tar bomb get out of there as fast as you can. Always keep you camera on him too, so he won’t catch you off guard. You can always run into a different area to heal as well.

Hopefully this gives you at least a little bit of help when battling this giant monster.

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