Best Burroughs Apps in Shin Megami Tensei IV

Published on July 31st, 2013 by Gervais D.

Let me guess. You don’t know what to spend those Burroughs app points on. If you’re having a hard time, you can always take a look at some of my favorite Burroughs apps in Shin Megami Tensei IV that are listed below. These are apps that I personally recommend.

Best Burroughs Apps in Shin Megami Tensei IV

List is ordered so that you can find the apps easily in the game.

Skill Expansion – this app adds an additional slot for the main character’s skills. I purchased this app twice – Skill Expansion 1 and Skill Expansion 2. I’m currently at level 30 and I’m planning to get Skill Expansion 3.

MP Recovery – this app regenerates the protagonist’s MP while walking. This is a great app to get early in the game because you will need a lot of MP, and items that recovers MP are scarce when you begin the game.

Note: MP Recovery 1 was all that I needed, but if you really need more MP, go for MP Recovery 2, etc. You will recover MP faster each time you purchase the app.

Mapper – this is a cheap app in the game that you unlock early. You have no choice but to purchase it if you want to progress futher into the game. It’s definitely a ‘must have’ app and it helps a lot in dungeons.

Expand Stock – If you want to stock up on more demons, this is a ‘must have’ app. As of writing this, I must have purchased Expand Stock about nine times, and I’m not going to hesitate with the 10th purchase.

Demon Skill – If you hate deleting moves when your demons learn a new skill, then get the Demon Skill app. It adds an extra skill slot to all of your demons – new or old. To top things off, it can be purchased multiple times.

Note: I only needed ‘Demon Skill 1’. My demons aren’t learning any great skills that sparked my interest, hence the reason. You see, I couldn’t delete a cool attack skill for one that increases defense. Maybe attack, but that’s one turn loss.

Scout – another ‘must have’ app in the game. Scout gives the player the ability of attempting to recruit demons during battle. I can’t remember if the game makes you purchase this one or not. Either way, every SMT IV player should get this.

Scout Bonus – Another quick way to get some extra Macca (also known as money in SMT4) is to get the Scout Bonus app. Demons that join your party will give you some Macca (it ranges). I’ve also gotten Macca from demons that I already recruited when talking with them.

Note: There are other apps called Scout Gift and Scout+. Scout Gift rewards the player with a gift if a demon joins the party. The rewards aren’t that good, unless you want an extra Life Stone or an item like that. With Scout+, demons will try to talk their other friends into joining your party. I never really needed it because I’m fine recruiting the demons on my own.

Expert Scout – Demons are tricky. They might take your Life Stone and run away. I never give away any rear items anyway. Expert Scout will greatly lower the demon’s demands when you’re trying to recruit them. It’s a handy app to have in my opinion.

Demolingual – This app makes it possible to understand the demons that you could not understand before, so that you can listen to their demands when trying to recruit them. This is another ‘must have’ app in Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Demon Fusion – This app installs the Cathedral of Shadows menu in your game. The Cathedral of Shadows allows you to fuse demons, as well as pay Macca to summon demons that you recruited or fused in the past. Players are required to purchase it early in the game.

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