Best Gloves to use for Hoops Mode in ARMS (Nintendo Switch)

Published on July 21st, 2017 by Fooni

Figuring out how to play Hoops Mode in ARMS (for the Nintendo Switch) is pretty easy right off the bat. You would have just assumed that you have to grab the opponent, right? Well… instead of just dodging and grabbing, you can do a few other ways too. In this guide we’ll give you some of the best recommended gloves and tips in this games mode.

Using the Best Gloves in Hoops Mode:

First, you’ll want to know that most light gloves are still at an advantage because they are pretty easy to use and they aren’t too slow to grab. You’ll want to avoid most of the big gloves as they are slow. In Hoops Mode, both players have infinite health so attacking each other with small punches is not an ideal tactic or strategy.

Below mentions some of the best gloves to use in Hoops Mode.

  • Chilla “Effects: Slow Status”
  • Coolerang “Effects: Slow Status”
  • Thunderbird “Effects: Disables Arms and Slow Status”
  • Sparky “Effects: Disables Arms and Slow Status”

Chilla and Thunderbird gloves are one of the best combination gloves for Hoops Mode! Chilla uses Ice Element while Thunderbird uses Electric Element. Ice temporarily freezes your opponent, slowing them down for a few seconds and electric temporarily disables your opponents arms so they are unable do anything and also gives your opponents slow animation status.

Coolerang and Sparky gloves are the next best alternatives. Coolerang uses Ice Element and Sparky uses Electric Element. Like Chilla and Thunderbird, they’re both gloves that can be used to temporarily slowdown your opponent.

ARMS Hoops Mode GameplayIf you do not have the above gloves as unlocks for your favorite characters, you can play as the default characters that come with them.

Characters with default Advantage gloves for Hoops Mode:

  • Ribbon Girl > Sparky
  • Twintelle > Chilla and Thunderbird
  • Kid Cobra > Coolerang

Grabbing and dodging are not the only aim in this mode. You can also use your Rush! Just be sure to fill up your Rush Gauge with many punches, including missed punches. The last hit will always be the hit to throw your opponent onto a Spring platform and into the Hoop.

Arms Hoop Rush

Theoretically any character can be played and have the advantage as long as you use the right gloves. Not knowing how to use gloves to your advantage may be your disadvantage in most case. Don’t forget to always dodge and use the Spring platform to jump high! Practice makes Perfect!

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