Best Gloves to use for SkillShot Mode in ARMS (Switch)

Published on July 26th, 2017 by Fooni

The objective of SkillShot Mode sounds easy, right? You or your partner who are playing in Team SkillShot Mode must try and hit those target platforms when they appear. Pro players know a secret behind this mode on where to take advantage and they don’t want you to find out. Today’s guide gives you the best recommended gloves for SkillShot Mode in ARMS for Nintendo Switch! Let us take a look shall we.

Using the Best Gloves in SkillShot Mode:

For this mode you will want to use gloves that can hit hard or perform multiple hits, but they would also have to be kind of fast. This applies to using Heavy to Medium Gloves such as Megaton and Tribolt. Slower gloves like Dragon and Guardian are not recommended. Here are the recommended gloves list for SkillShot Mode from highly recommended to least recommended.

  • Seekie > Electric: “Disables opponents arms and slow status”
  • Triblast > Explosion: “Area of effect damage and knockdown”
  • Megaton > Does not have element.
  • Megawatt > Electric: “Disables opponents arms and slow status”
  • Revolver > Electric: “Disables opponents arms and slow status”
  • Retorcher > Fire: “Burns opponent”
  • Nade >  Explosion: “Area of effect damage and knockdown”
  • Chilla > Ice: “Inflict slow status”
  • Sparky > Electric: “Disables opponents arms and slow status”
  • Hydra > Fire: “Burns opponent”
  • Tribolt > Stun: “Slight knockback”
  • Cracker > Fire: “Burns opponent”
  • Popper > Wind: “Picks up and throws opponent”

While all these gloves are all great, it won’t work if you don’t try using their full potential. Normal punching with them won’t be as strong so you need to activate elements on them as much as you can. Using normal punching to get Target Platforms is fine too if you decide to do that at times. The point of using element gloves is to throw your opponents off-guard if your elements hit them. It will potentially delay a few seconds of their time and that’s when you take your time hitting the target platforms.

SkillShot hit in Arms (Nintendo Switch)

Recommended Gloves:

The most recommended gloves to use in SkillShot mode should be an Explosive glove and an Electric glove. In this case we recommended using Seekie and Triblast. You can use both gloves at once as independent hits and could take an advantage by hitting both of the opponents if it lands on them while your partner hits the Target Platforms. Always concentrate on hitting the platforms first and then your opponent.

Here are some tips for you to remind yourself.

  • Always jump, after a successful land you will gain element on your gloves for a short time.
  • Avoid Dash Charge (Y Button Hold).
  • Only press Y during jumping with X Button to give your partner some space in Team SkillShot.
  • Always try and connect the dots from Target Platforms to your Opponents, that will likely throw them off.
  • Use your elements strategy to your advantage.
  • If in Team SkillShot, decide who chooses to concentrate on Target Platforms and the other neutralizing the opponents.
  • Use one of each gloves with different elements to your advantage.

Characters with the recommended gloves:

Most if not, all characters should come with a recommended gloves from the list. If your favorite character does not have one of the recommended gloves, you can always change it from the games main menu. Otherwise you may have to try with what you have equipped on your favorite character. Always practice and try your best!

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