Bike Rider DX Review

Published on January 15th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart



Bike Rider DX GameplayThe game is divided into two modes – an endless mode and a level-based one.

The controls of both modes are the same, you jump with the button A (you can do a double jump by pressing A again) and increase or decrease the bike speed with the D-Pad or Circle Pad. With the right timing, you can do more double jumps. Also, you can do a triple, quadruple, quintuple and a sextuplet jump.

The main mode is a Tour Mode, you have ten different themed-based areas to play, granted five levels for each area. There is also a bonus world, making a total of 55 levels in total.

The level design for each of the levels is good and challenging because jumping isn’t the only thing to do. You have to avoid obstacles, enemies and surviving the platform challenge at every level, including power ups, falling rocks and more.

Bike Rider DX GameplayHowever, if you wanted a little replay value in this mode, the good news is that it exists. Every level has three stars to be collected, once you survived the entire level, and on collecting the three stars, you will have a crown with the level (something like… “PERFECT!”)

Once you’ve finished every level, and watched the credits, you will have a surprise, because you can find extra areas with extra levels, and if you have finished them again, you will find yet another batch. This means that the game has a total of 85 levels.

The other mode is an endless mode termed “Grand Pix”. You have two different difficulties, “Normal” and “Hard”. Also, by playing the Tour Mode unlocks new areas and places, but sadly the area you will play is random, so you cannot choose here.

The Grand Pix mode also has a high score system showing the best ten results. However, unfortunately you can’t put your nickname and it isn’t online, so you will be beating your own record over and over.

Bike Rider DX GameplayThe controls work well but at the end of the game, the balanced difficulty starts to break, making some levels extremely hard to win.

Now touching the presentation side of the game, the main graphics are simple, it feels like a mobile game and the 3D effect is good enough to enjoy. However, the backgrounds are excellent with a lot of details and also, looks great with the 3D.

The soundtrack is interesting and has a lot of variation. Some songs have a generic feeling, other songs are epic, meanwhile a few can get tedious with the length of time.

The game is charming and fun, but sometimes the game’s difficulty is hard and frustrating at the end of the game (the very end of it).

An achievement system will add some replay value, and those who like endless runners or simple platforms will find this game a really good option on the eShop at a great prize.

Bike RiderVERDICT: 80/100 (Great)
It has replay value, a good price and a good gameplay, making this game an overall good choice. For the most part, the soundtrack is good and the level design is excellent. If you manage to finish the game, the endless mode is still waiting for you, therefore… grab it!

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