Bill Trinen talks about Tomodachi Life’s Gay Marriage

Published on May 6th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Bill Trinen talks about Tomodachi Life’s Gay Marriage
Nintendo of America product marketing manager Bill Trinen explained the situation about the gay marriage in Tomodachi Life. Reports were surfaced from Japan about players being able to do same-sex relationships.

You can find what Trinen said about it below:

“There actually was a misconception over what the issue in December was. There were two things that were going on at the time that essentially were grouped together as one. The first, that there was a patch. And what the patch was fixing was actually a data leak.”

“The other thing that was going on was that quite a few Japanese players were dressing up Mii characters. Essentially they would create a male version of a Mii character and assign their gender as female, and that was how the two males were able to have a baby.”

“Because we didn’t have the DS version [in the West], there is no data transfer issue for us. So it was actually two separate things that got lumped together into one piece of confusion that resulted in people not quite understanding what had gone on.

“From our perspective it’s kind of tough because as a game development company, our primary focus is always looking at creating entertainment and fun and entertaining products. And there’s a lot of decisions that can go into that process. What we try not to do is… well, it would be very easy to look at Animal Crossing and say, ‘well, what wasn’t included in an Animal Crossing, so what’s Nintendo saying about that?’ We’re not really saying anything about anything; we’re just constantly trying to create fun and entertaining experiences.”

“We’ve got to try to find what’s the best way to create this experience and really have a fun and entertaining experience. And for us it’s all about a whimsical world where you bring these people together and you see what happens as a result.”

“I think, at the time, in Japan there actually wasn’t confusion. As it was reported in Japanese, they had an understanding of what the [data corruption] issue was. The other wasn’t an issue. It was just a unique way that people were playing the game.”

“At the time, because the game wasn’t out here, we hadn’t really gotten into the detail on it. And that was primarily because we hadn’t announced that we were working on the game.”

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