Blocky Bot Review

Published on June 4th, 2015 by Megalegacy

Blocky Bot comes to Wii U as a fun and enjoyable endless runner.

blocky bot

Finally, Wii U gamers are given a kind of endless runner to play. Or more like endless “jumper”. That’s right, in this game, you jump your way up to new high scores and crates full of Bits and Bytes are just waiting for you to collect them.

When you start a session of Blocky Bot, you can control where your character jumps with the D-Pad or the Control Stick and you can make your character jump with the button A. This game also has a Off-TV feature which you can activate with the – button. The controls feel pretty good and respond well.

The main goal of this game is to get as far as you can while avoiding obstacles along the path. The game tracks how many platforms you jump to, and if your total number of jumps is high enough, you can unlock new themes that change how the game looks and sounds, plus it also helps you get away from the original background and music into something different. For example, one of the themes in the game is called “Robot Land” and features tons of additions and differences, like different platforms and special trails for your character. There are crates which contain a random amount (1 to 10) of “Bits and Bytes”. If you get 100 Bits and Bytes, you can unlock a new randomly chosen character. Players have to keep their guard against many of the obstacles and dangers that keep them from advancing up. You could see black enemies moving at a constant to slow rate and moving platforms. To make sure you don’t camp on one obstacle, you also have to jump from a black cloud chasing you.

The visuals are beautiful and the art style makes the game look pleasant. With themes, there is an extened amount of great visuals that make the game look even better.

The songs kind of “fit” in with the game, it’s easy to catch on to them and they can make the game a little bit easier too, though when you play it for a long time it could want some to mute the volume.

Blocky Bot is an overall fun and addicting endless jumper, and also a good time-waster. Blocky Bot is defintely a game to try no matter what you are trying to do, wether it be unlocking every character or theme, or getting your high score and bragging about it on Miiverse. If you are looking for a game with a simple yet hard premise, then I would recommend Blocky Bot.


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