Brunch Panic Review

Published on November 14th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart



There are a lot of showelvare and mobile game types on DSi eShop and 3DSWare eShop but that does not mean they are bad games. Brunch Panic is a good game for its genre and if you’re into these types of games, it will be a must buy.


The gameplay itself is fun and easy to learn, however, it can be hard to master for certain individuals. In addition, it can be boring for others.

On the bottom screen you will find ingredients and food, and on the top screen there will be the people who want to eat.

You must prepare what they’re asking and send the finished product to them within a certain time frame. The game uses the classic highscore 3 star ranking system and you earn more points the faster you accomplish the task.

Players can unlock new colors, patterns, wheels, and accessories for Bonnie’s ride (also mascots) by completing stages, reaching the total amount of stars or getting a well done at a certain level. This won’t do anything special to change the gameplay but it’s a nice bonus.

Everything can be done with the stylus and it works pretty well. The controls are perfectly made for a touching game, however, the main problem is the ultra repetitive gameplay but that isn’t a bad thing if you’re playing for a short period of time.

From what you’ve heard so far, you might assume that the game is easy, right? The first stages are easy to beat, however, the other levels get harder and harder making it more challenging and less repetitive to play.

Another thing to mention is that the tutorial is well done and it’s really easy to learn how to play.


The first thing that you will notice is the lack of 3D functionality but honestly, it would not be useful for the gameplay. The graphics of the game look similar to a flash game with a manga style design but those are really well done taking a colorful and cute design.

In other words, those are simple and well done.

There are different songs for each world, using catchy tunes, but the most interesting thing is the voice acting. The Japanese voice acting is really good and it’s a thumbs up for the game.

There are small image cutscenes with a manga slice-of-life style (voice acting too), a really nice detail, and it feels like fresh air if you play the game for long time. It’s a break for the break time.


The presentation of the game is really well done, it’s really easy to enjoy, and with some small bonuses (like the little customization and the cutscenes), it’s perfect for short play sessions.

You can also choose what characters you want to hear or not in the option, so it’s really a great feature if you don’t like certain voices. Those little details are really appreciated for the gamer.

VERDICT: 75/100 (Great!)
Family friendly, fun, catchy music, good graphics and cheap. If you want a little break, this is a game you will love.
The gameplay can be repetitive but the game is enjoyable (more for short sessions as stated before).

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