How to Catch Perfect 5-6 IV Legendary Pokemon in X/Y

Published on August 4th, 2014 by Gervais D.

I’ve been playing Pokemon X/Y for a while now and I knew how to catch perfect 5-6 IV legendary Pokemon in Kalos, so today I’m going to share my method with you all so that you can catch perfect 5-6 IV Pokemon in your X and/or Y games for nicknaming and whatnot.

Before you ask, yes, it is possible. I’ve done it before and to give you hope, here’s proof :

Perfect 5-6 IV Kalos born Zapdos in Pokemon X/Y

The IV spread of the Zapdos above is 31/31/31/30/31/31. “30” is the same as “31” at level 50 and online battles in X/Y can automatically be set to level 50 (which is common for online battles in the game / hardly anyone I know plays with flat level rules).

  • Name: Zapdos
  • IV Spread: 31/31/31/30/31/31
  • Nature: Bold (defensive Zapdos for competitive play)

Enough chit chat, you want to know how you can catch one of these bad boys yourself in your Pokemon X/Y game, right? Keep reading then.

How to Catch Perfect 5-6 IV Legendary Pokemon in X/Y

Step 1 : The first step is to catch or hatch a Pokemon with the Synchronize ability. Make sure that the Pokemon with said ability has the same nature you want for the legendary you’re going to catch. There is a higher chance of encountering a wild Pokemon with the nature you want when the Pokemon with the Synchronize ability has that same nature.

Extra : I also recommend that you get a Synchronize ability Pokemon with the same IV spread you want for the legendary, however, I don’t think it’s required. Still, it’s better than nothing and I’ve caught my perfect 5-6 IV legends using this advice.

Step 2 : Make sure that you have a master ball available in your item bag.

Step 3 : Put the Synchronize ability Pokemon in the first slot of your party and go to the location of the legendary Pokemon. Before battling it, save your game when you’re no steps away from the legendary.

Extra : I use a level 30 Kirlia with the Synchronize ability so that it does not level up and waste 30 seconds of my time after catching the legendary Pokemon.

Step 4 : Walk up to the legendary Pokemon or press the ‘A’ button to battle it. Use your master ball to catch it and look at its stats. After, use an IV calculator to find its IVs or use the IV Judge in Kiloude City’s Pokemon Center (I recommend IV calculator to find “30” IVs).

If the IVs suck or are not 30/31 in 5-6 stats and you got the wrong nature, reset your game (aka turn off your game without saving).

Step 5 : Turn back on your game and wait some seconds before encountering the legendary Pokemon again. Catch it, check its IVs/nature and turn off your game if they suck.

Step 6 : Turn back on your game and repeat step 5, however, use a different time for waiting before encountering the legendary Pokemon. This may take a couple of hours or some days if you take breaks a lot, but eventually you will catch a perfect 5-6 IV legendary in Kalos (X/Y).

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