Chat Application Coming to 3DS next Week, Includes Voice

Published on November 17th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

From the Japanese developers ‘WaiS Co. Ltd.’ and ‘Location Inc.’, Teyon is publishing Chat-A-Lot in North America this November 20th for $7.99 and Europe is soon to follow.

Chat-A-Lot is an application that allows Nintendo 3DS users to communicate with other owners of the console worldwide, being possible via text (up to 10 people) and voice (up to 4 people). The title won’t be limited to text and voice, since it can also be used to share drawings. Another feature is the Strict Parental Control, where the title’s functions will be accessible via passwords in order to keep the application safer.

You can see the trailer of Chat A Lot below, including a gallery with screenshots of the title:

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