Chubbins Review

Published on June 6th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart



Chubbins-pic (1)GAMEPLAY:
The game formula is interesting, offering an interesting platform type of game. In a normal platform game you need to move and jump but in this game you will always be jumping while you move.

When you’re playing, the first thing you will see is the lack of lives or a time limit. This is because you need to beat the level as soon as possible, offering not just a good challenge, but also replay value.

Every box platform will have little arrows on it, this tells you how high you will jump when you bounce on it. You will also find breakable blocks, but don’t worry, if you bounce on them, they will regenerate later. Last but still important, there are some parts like a gravity zone that will move you when you’re touching it.

A platform game can’t exist without obstacles: there are different enemies (some of them will be bouncing and others will be flying) and also spikes, being available in three colors: green, red and white. The color of them is important because there are two little power-ups: a red carrot and a green clover. Eating those will change the color of the rabbit and will allow you to pass through the spikes of the same color.

Chubbins-pic (4)The controls of the game are well done: you can move with the Control Pad and with the Select button you can change the screen, being able to play with the TV or the GamePad. You can also start the level when the name appears or put the pause with pressing the button Start. The only thing I didn’t like is not being able to play with the L-Stick, but it won’t affect your gameplay experience.

The level design is very clever, some of them will also give you different ways to reach the goal. The game features five worlds, with eight levels each, making a total of 40 levels. This may sound like a short game, but you will need a few hours to finish it.

Once you finish the world, you will unlock them in a second mode called Time Attack!, allowing you to beat your records in both difficulties per level.

Talking about difficulty, there are two available in every world: soft and hard. What is the difference? Well, in Soft mode the bosses will need less damage to win the level, there are checkpoints allowing you to play from that part once you die and also some hints through the game.

Chubbins-pic (2)GRAPHICS AND AUDIO:
The game offers simple but nice game graphics, giving a right experience when you play.

The game uses colorful and geometric backgrounds that make a good companion to the game, and sometimes, they can help you to memorize some parts of the levels including a few shortcuts when trying to do your best times.

About the audio part of the game, it’s actually a half and half on its quality. The voice acting for the rabbit and the enemies can be a bit scary, mostly for kids, and the sound effects are okay.

The music for the other side, part of the soundtrack is actually good with a relaxing melody, and the other part will make you play the game without music.

Chubbins-pic (3)PRESENTATION:
The presentation of the game is well done, featuring a complete manual, an easy interface and an excellent replay value.

If you did not read the manual, the first couple of levels of the game make an excellent job teaching you how to play the game.

Another thing I liked about the game, every level has its own name, some of them will give you a smile when playing.

Chubbins offers an interesting gameplay with a good replay value at a good price. It also offers a nice presentation and graphics. If you want to play something original, this is an excellent choice.

Score in text:
Gameplay: 88 – Graphics: 70 – Audio: 60 – Presentation: 83 – Final Score: 78

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