Costume Quest 2 Details + Screenshots

Published on June 4th, 2014 by Spinnerweb

Double Fine have released a lengthy report via Polygon detailing their sequel to 2010’s Costume Quest. Costume Quest 2 will feature the twins Reynold and Wren on a trick-or-treating adventure again and will come to the Wii U this Halloween.

In the report, Double Fine reveal that the gameplay will be improved from that of the original game: For example, the timing for pressing the action button during attacks has been changed to while the character attacks, instead of before it. If players are really good with timing, they’ll be able to execute follow-up attacks.

A wider range of costumes will be available, and fan favourite costumes will make a return appearance. Out of the new costumes, the Clown costume is a healer, while the Candy Corn costume doesn’t do anything except have the player wait out their turn while the game says about a thousand variations of, “Candy Corn has nothing to prove.” (You can’t make this stuff up). Cards to enhance players’ abilities will be added to the game, and your party’s health won’t regenerate automatically after battles – you’ll have to find water fountains for that. Apart from battles, players can find and beat up hidden pinatas to get more candy; rhythmic beatings earn more candy.

Double Fine seem very confident that this game will live up to fans’ expectations. Let’s hope it does so when the game comes out this Halloween. In the meanwhile, you can read the Polygon report and check out the screenshots below:


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