Curve Studios Announced Two New Titles

Published on December 4th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

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Curve Studios is really popular on the Nintendo eShop, and they already developed and published high quality titles as well. Now it’s time for their upcoming two indie games: Time Attacks for the 3DS and Ultraton for the Wii U, both from the indie developer Puppygames.

Titan Attacks, already released on different platforms, features expanded gameplay inspired by Space Invaders, being a throwback to games like Robotron. Meanwhile not having a Wii U release is a mystery, since the title features twin-stick controls and 2 player co-op, it looks like the 3DS will be an enhanced version of the game and not just a port. Ultratron, for the other side, will feature similar gameplay but with more hell-shooter and arcade elements.

You can see both game’s trailers below:

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