More details confirmed for Persona Q

Published on May 2nd, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

More details confirmed for Persona Q

Famitsu revealed new details about the upcoming game Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, as well as new pictures (scroll down to view them)

  • 3 save slots
  • Additionally, an SD card allows you to create 16 save data slot
  • The chibi characters move around and talk a lot
  • They also display various expressions while exploring the dungeons and fighting Shadows
  • Story is on the serious side
  • Famitsu feels that this gives it a more Persona vibe
  • Dungeon crawling/fighting feels more like Etrian Odyssey
  • Game will show you the percentage of areas you’ve traveled across
  • At 100%, a special treasure chest opens somewhere on the floor
  • These treasures contain very useful items
  • Can also use game coins to open these chets
  • Fights are challenging
  • Ex: if you forget to debuff enemies that have high physical attacks, they can easily one-hit-kill your weaker party members
  • The Leader Skills provides players with a lot of options for these kind of scenarios
  • Rei and Zen are also said to be full of mysteries
  • Famitsu says it is interesting to watch their unique exchanges with one another and the characters of Persona 3 and 4

It also appears that SEGA has something to do with this game because it was mentioned in the Famitsu article.

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