Details from Nintendo’s investor briefing (5/7/14)

Published on May 8th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Nintendo’s investor briefingIt’s that time again. Nintendo hosted an investor briefing in Japan, reporting its lasting results and also new projects from the company for the future.

Let’s see what Mr. Iwata has in mind:

  • Iwata says the 3DS hit 43 million
  • Tomodachi Life in June internationally
  • 3DS third-party titles to come include Monster Hunter 4G and Youkai Watch 2 in Japan
  • Wii U: want to regain momentum with 2 signature titles in Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros.
  • System update in June will speed up by 20 seconds
  • First smart device app will be available by the end of the fiscal year
  • This is called Mario Kart TV and will enable sharing of the game movie and rankings
  • In June, Japanese users will be able to use SUICA transport cards for payments on Wii U through NFC
  • On IP licensing: nothing to announce today, but Nintendo is looking at a joint agreement
  • Limited profit, so Nintendo is looking at non-games usage for licensing
  • Will launch figurine business called NFP – NFC featured platform
  • Nintendo showed Mario figure across many games being used, including saves
  • NFP game and figures will be shown at E3
  • 3DS will also get IR NFP reader so figures can be used across Wii U and 3DS
  • Wii U target of 3.6 million units will need more manufactured than in current inventory
  • Nintendo not experiencing a loss from hardware anymore
  • More Wii U games at E3
  • NFP has been in development since last year
  • Nintendo would rather make not just make a figurine, but something that does more
  • Nintendo hopes to show related games in development at E3 for the NFC tech
  • Iwata saying that for this fiscal year (through 3/15), the goal is to increase profits
  • 3/16 fiscal year: not grow dramatically
  • 3/17 fiscal year: develop pillar for growth with growth
  • Iwata: we are preparing for next generation hardware as always, when will it release? Difficult to declare
  • Iwata: not hopeless or at a loss in coming up with something new, but until existing users are satisfied, we cannot release next hardware
  • Iwata: for Quality of Life, don’t think too narrowly of Nintendo, we can make fun, healthy services… we know how to get people hooked
  • Iwata: developers will move into new building in Kyoto around E3; currently teams are separate so will share more
  • Iwata: have established Business Development department with outputs like NFP, entering into new markets, use smart phone platforms etc
  • Iwata: for emerging markets, $30-60 game prices are difficult. Need something new, but won’t be this fiscal year, studying China changes
  • Iwata: the Wii U forecast of 3.6 million don’t think it is peak, wanted to be more conservative this year
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