Dungeons & Robots Confirmed for Wii U

Published on October 27th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

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Nexis Games released an interview with Glow Games Studios announced an upcoming Wii U eShop title: Dungeons & Robots. Since the review is quite long, you can read a summary of some of the game’s aspects:

  • Environments are randomly generated.
  • There’s  a plenty of customization options.
  • There’s a plenty of dangers in the dungeons, including traps and also enemies like Mages, Orcs and Demons.
  • You need to search for artifacts in dungeons, those increase your stats and abilities.
  • The robots are called Ajax.
  • Ajax have Element and Meele resistance attributes, including the classic Health and Energy Regeneration properties.
  • It’s possible to manipulate Armor, Equipment, Gems, Weapons with the GamePad, each has its own attribute valuing Defense, Type, Boosted Stats, and Gem Slots.
  • There’re different classes of armor, also those has its own slot for gems.
  • Equipment items are divided into Disposables, Fountains and Turrets categories.
  • Disposable items includes objects like energy traps, mines or an teleporter.
  • Fountains are objects set down by the player in an area to provide support options.
  • Fountains award Health and Energy.
  • There’s a single-player, a co-op (up to four players ) and a versus player mode (up to 4v4 battles).
  • Targeted for Q1 2015.

You can see a gallery below:

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