Ether Gear Locations in The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

Published on October 24th, 2019 by Gervais D.

Having trouble finding all of the Ether Gear in The Alliance Alive HD Remastered? This guide will reveal all locations and help you reach them so you can continue the game’s story.

Rain Realm: Ancient Museum

Travel to the Rain Realm and go to the Ancient Museum. To get to the Ancient Museum, use the Ark to travel to the shore of the Rain Realm. Head to the red dot in the screenshot below to reach the Ancient Museum. Use the hole in the wall to get inside and head back to the pink-colored locked door.

Ancient Museum Location

Burning Realm

This guide assumes you unlocked Blue Oasis on the map, which you should have done since it’s necessary for a part of the story before having to find and destroy the Ether Gear in the game. You can use your map to pinpoint the Blue Oasis location.

From the Blue Oasis entrance, go left until you reach the spot in the screenshot below:

Getting to Ether Gear in the Burning Realm

Use the Ornithopter by pressing X and fly to the next area as highlighted in the screenshot above. Fly again left and fly once more. Keep walking on the left path (you should see a lava-style waterfall) and walk up the hill until you reach the edge to the right (not to the edge on the left).

Getting to Ether Gear in the Burning Realm

Use the Ornithopter again by pressing X and fly to the area highlighted in the screenshot above. Walk up to the edge and you should see a walking path. Use the Ornithopter once more to fly to it and you should be able to enter the Volcanic Ruins.

At that point, you should have no travel finding Ether Gear for the Burning Realm.

Cage Realm

If you fought Badr (the leader of the beastfolk) at the Cage Realm and won, you should have already destroyed the Ether Gear for this area even if the game told you it’s at this location. Therefore you can just ignore this one. Skip to the area below.

Ether Gear at the Sea

Go to the ARK and choose the Cage Realm as your destination if you’re not there already. Use the ARK to sail north-east of the Cage Realm’s shore, right through the dark current, and you’ll eventually discover a new location. Find an area on the new land to enter.

Play through the story and you’ll eventually have the opportunity to destroy the last Ether Gear.

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