Etrian Mystery Dungeon gets free DLC in first month and home theme

Published on March 20th, 2015 by Spinnerweb

3DS-owning RPG fans may benefit from buying Etrian Mystery Dungeon early, not just by getting their roguelike fix but by receiving five extra DLC quests for free. This free-DLC offer lasts until May 5, after which the quests will become paid DLC.

The first three DLC quests require you to find a lost adventurer in the dungeons. Once you do, they will give you recipes that unlock meals prepared by the NPC Niralda in the Amber Cafe. Players can purchase the meals for each of the party members to apply buffs that last until they leave the dungeon!

  • Find a Wanderer for me! Find the master chef Wanderer to unlock three new recipes for the Amber Restaurant! ($1.49)

  • Find a Princess for me! Find the stray Sovereign to unlock a meal fit for a king in the Amber Restaurant! ($1.99)

  • Find a Landsknecht for me! Find the adventurous Landsknecht to unlock three new recipes for the Amber Restaurant! ($1.49)

The last two DLC quests are repeatable quests that players can get from Niralda as well:

  • Know the Red Pookas? Slay a Red Pooka wandering around the dungeon to receive a Golden or White potion for extra experience! ($1.99)

  • Slay the Gold Guardian! Defeat an elusive Gold Guardian in the dungeon to receive a Nugget of Gold fragment for extra gold! ($1.49)

From March 31 onwards, an Etrian Mystery Dungeon paid theme will also be available for $0.99. You can watch a demo video here.


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