How To Fix “Player Turned Down The Request” in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Published on December 11th, 2016 by Gervais D.

The Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun and Moon isn’t perfect and there is a major problem that a majority may¬†encounter when trying to battle or trade with their friends over Wi-Fi. A “Player Turned Down The Request” message might appear for most players when trying to set up battles or trades online and this guide will help you resolve the issue (at least until Game Freak makes an update for the game).

How To Fix “Player Turned Down The Request” in Pokemon Sun/Moon

What causes it?

After a battle or trade request has been sent to a player, there is a 30 second time limit for the person to accept it. If they fail to hit the accept button, it will return the “Player Turned Down The Request” notice.

Inviting player to battle in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Unfortunately, when the request-receiving player has their battle or trade guest list open, they will not see the pending request from the person sending a battle/trade request. Therefore, it results in the notice by default even if the person does not decline the request.

Player turned down the request - Pokemon Sun/Moon

How to resolve the problem?

It’s pretty simple. The request sender must be the only person viewing the guest/VIP list and the receiver must not have the list open. If the receiver has their list open, they will not see the notice to accept the battle/trade request, and after 30 seconds, it will auto-decline.

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