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Pediaversary Funfair Shoutboxes

---> The Last Smash-in-ator (click here to view details of chapter 3)
-> Smash 3DS Winners
-> Smash U Winners
Note: The more wins someone has on the leaderboard, the more likely they're going to win again if you're not confident in your smashing skills. It's probably worth challenging others to stack up on some wins to support your team before having the chance of getting eliminated by the likes of them.
---> Pokemon Showdown Random Battle Madness (click left text to view bracket)

Eclipse players: Jeff The Killer, Dragovian, pokemon pro and D4rkDragon.

Team Meep players: Vii, Luxray6490, Pancake, KJ, Derpguy64, NormalNinja, Charizard, Kevin and Samuel_1802.

Button Brawlers players: Cloud, Chewy, Ninten, Acemaster and Arcanine.

Rebel Cookies players: Tho, DeathDragon and Dilawer / Backup: DJFoxx84, Water and Jyoster.

Madmin Mafia players: J9794, pokefreak, rsngamer and munster1025.