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Anyone willing to help me make a translation patch for Mhxx Switch?

Discussion in 'Monster Hunter' started by coolflare, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. coolflare

    coolflare The flame of wonder and coolness Towns Folk

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    57 coins
    If you don’t know, Monster Hunter XX is an expansion to MH generations (or MhX in Japan). I know a translation patch on the 3ds version exists but not on the switch. I couldn’t find anyone that can help me in GBA Temp so anyone that think they can help, plz comment or PM me. Thanks!
  2. D4rkDragon

    D4rkDragon Lemon Dragon 3DS Pedia Contributor

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    128 coins
    Yes, because, unlike the Switch, the 3DS has something called HANS which is used via the Homebrew Launcher to apply RomFS patches to games (e. g. translations / cosmetic changes). The Switch, however, is too secure for now, and only 3.0.0 and lower versions have access to an Homebrew Launcher (that's pretty much in beta/alpha state), and even then, there's no homebrew that allow game RomFS patching like the 3DS did.

    So, I'd also like a translation for it, but I think you'll get the same answer everywhere: it's not technically possible yet. Best you can do is use kiranico, or do the translation with paper for now, while waiting for "official" translation tools / software.