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Battle of the Yarn, Yoshi or Kirby?

Discussion in 'Kirby Clubhouse' started by VirtulJordan, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. VirtulJordan

    VirtulJordan Pokemon Master Towns Folk

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    244 coins
    There is something that has been tearing me this past month. Everyone here already knows or has played Yoshis Wooly World(Either for 3DS or WiiU). The game was adorable, charming, and just really fun to play. And Nintendo announced at E3 that another Yarn Yoshi game was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Among the other announcements, it was a great one to have.........atleast until I thought about it.

    The Yarn based games started for Nintendo with a game called "Kirbys Epic Yarn" It was cute beyond words, and a fair amount of players died from heart explosions while playing as the adorable Kirby or Prince Fluff. However, that was the end of Kirbys Yarn adventure. That is what tears me up.

    While I am glad that yoshi gets another Yarn based game, it really breaks my heart that Kirby is skipping out on another yarn title, Even though Kirby has an amazing game coming in 2018. So I have to ask all of you, which series would you prefer to continue. Yarn Kirby, or Yarn Yoshi.
  2. Sora N' Roxas

    Sora N' Roxas Very Nutritious Towns Folk

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    3 coins
    I'm all up for Kirby's Epic Yarn.I was interested in Kirby's Epic Yarn when it came out plus the transformations were interesting.Plus it would be interesting to see them make a new Kirby yarn game because we could get Prince Fluff again or possibly even a new partner.what I would love to see is the two series have a crossover (I mean come on, a Yoshi crossover with Kirby would be amazing, and it's what I've wanted since I was 5!)
  3. Chronal

    Chronal Pro Dualies Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    269 coins
    Yarn suits the Yoshi series a little better. A big part of the Kirby series are copy abilities, which were missing from the game. Removing a main mechanic for one or two games can lead to fun side games for series fans, but having many more Kirby yarn games could be troublesome to fans of the original formula.

    While I'm not as big of a Yoshi fan as I am a Kirby fan, most of the core mechanics seem to stay the same with this style change. So it makes more sense.