Splatoon 2 Do you think salmon run should have leveled you up?

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Do you think Salmon Run should have increased your EXP to level you up or nay? :eyes:
Yeah it should: it's a job so doing it should grant you literal work experience. It also makes it a bit more worthwhile to keep playing in a cycle when bonuses become more sparse, although balancing how much experience would be another matter.

Turf War gives you consistent experience and Ranked modes give you lots of experience when you win (and just a little when you don't get pulverised), so the experience rate should be somewhere in between. Maybe just throw it in with the bonuses?
The only real bonus for playing it is cash and ability chunks or meal tickets.
If you got exp, then it would be weird that you cannot level up clothing abilities too.
Because you collect the bonuses outside of the mode's menu, whilst wearing your own clothes, it could be set to just grant experience to you and whatever you're wearing when you collect them.
But then the unintelligent masses would ask y they can’t just wear thier clothing in salmon run if it levels up?
I don't really care about leveling up through salmon run since the other bonuses more than make up for it. I would rather salmon run just be up all the time. It's the mode most of my friends want to play and we can rarely play it because of time.
I think earning EXP in Salmon Run wouldn't make much sense, Because it's unlike Turf war/league/solo queue. It's a different mode entirely (vs. Salmonoids rather than squids/octos. The weapons are also randomly assigned). The tickets, money, ability chunks and exclusive monthly gear is more than enough. EXP is easily gained in the other modes so it's not really an issue.
Eh, maybe, but it doesn’t really feel right to do that.

Like Mika said above, it’s an entirely different mode, so it wouldn’t make much sense to earn something for one mode from an entirely different mode. I think it’s best to have EXP earned in Turf War/Ranked Battles, and leave the bonuses to Salmon Run. :p
Yes. I spend a lot of time in salmon run, so it would be really useful if it helped me level up. I don't understand why it doesn't level you up. Some people could argue that you don't get levelled up because you might get confused with your salmon run rank (over-achiever, profresh etc...). But ranked mode gives you a rank and it lets you level up and no one seems confused by that. And your level is sorta supposed to represent your skill level a bit or how much you have played. And salmon run ties in with both of those. But i'm not really complaining. The current prizes and bonuses you get are good enough and very useful and it makes up for the lack of EXP. And technically, you can get food tickets which can help you level up faster. So it's already giving you EXP indirectly :p .
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i mean it could've added alittle bit of xp. Like half of what you get in a normal battle per say. Cause as like a reward you get the level up food you redeem at crusty shawn so i don't think also leveling up from salmon run wouldn't make much sense i guess.
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Yeah I think Salmon Run should give you exp. Maybe it should be less then Turf Wars because you also gain additional items, but I still wish it did. Around 50% of the normal amount?

Like @Deepak said, some people have a low level, but that's because they spend a lot of time in Salmon Run rather then ranked. At the same time, level doesn't really concern me. Once you reach level 30 (or maybe even lower?), you can already unlock every weapon. The level is just for show but its a slight representation of how much you play.
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