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Do you think the Wii U's failure is responsible for the Switch's success?

Discussion in 'General Nintendo Discussions' started by Marc, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Marc

    Marc Until We Go Down Forum Management

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    According to Reggie, it is.
    Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/20...s_responsible_for_switchs_success_says_reggie

    From the article, it mentions how the GamePad was a unique feature of the Wii U and how Nintendo did not effectively communicate about why it was so innovative. It also mentioned how the console lacked games and Reggie says Nintendo is working hard to ensure this does not happen with the Nintendo Switch.

    So what is your input on all of this? Do you think the Wii U's failure is responsible for the Switch's success?
  2. 3dsCollector

    3dsCollector Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

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    Eh, partially. I think the Wii U’s failure forced them to not put in little effect in the switch though and it seems to be paying off.
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  3. Starry Windy

    Starry Windy Let's do our best! The Resident Victini

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    I think Wii U's failure contributes to Switch's success in a way, because I think they just need to make things clear on how the console works and all, not to mention that from what I heard, Wii U's initial reveal was quite confusing for some who are not into gaming.

    Plus, Wii U's GamePad concept that can relay games to the screen while you're away from TV, is evolved as Switch becomes the hybrid console that can be carried if you want. Switch's concept may look tad bit simpler than how it works in Wii U, but it works for the better.
  4. RinoDino

    RinoDino AC:NL - The Villager Towns Folk

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    In my personal opinion, I think it really does contribute to the Switch's success, mainly because Nintendo got too cocky with the Wii's big success that they thought that the Wii U was going to sell like the Wii, even though they didn't realize that the name was an literally an ambulance call, the marketing was terrible, and that the launch titles didn't really ''grab'' any hardcore Nintendo fans. Now with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo fully realized that the marketing should be simple and easy to understand and not be filled with a bunch of whiny kids or Disney Channel celebrities, be more directed to older teens and young adults and the lauch titles were better than the Wii U's, to be fair the Wii U had more, but quality is better than quantity and aside from 1-2 Switch, the Switch's lauch titles were pretty good!
  5. Pandaxclone2

    Pandaxclone2 Pokemon Sprite Artist Hobbyist Towns Folk

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    I agree with this. Nintendo really dropped the ball by trying to ride the Wii's coat-tails and didn't really give a clear message as of what the console was. In fact, when I initially heard of the Wii U I imagined the gamepad being the system itself, not unlike what the Switch today is. Instead I was heavily disappointed with what the Wii U turned out to be, so I never touched the system in combination with the relative lack of titles that interested me. To this day my only exposure to the system is through my sister's Wii U, which has had its fair share of problems.

    The Switch on the other hand had a very clear message: it's meant to be the bridge between console and handheld in one, which in itself is a bold and easy to accept concept. In my mind it's everything the Wii U should've been, but Nintendo were too lazy to do it at the time.
  6. Floral

    Floral Competitive Game Aficionado Towns Folk

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    Maybe. I felt less inclined to buy a switch initially though, because the Wii U was so god-awful outside of the 5-6 games I liked on there.

    Honestly I think the Wii U wasn't fully realized and was just a half-baked switch. I've even started calling the Wii U gamepad on the occasion I play BOTW on the Wii U "the bootleg Switch"

    I also think that after the Wii U being so lackluster, consumers wanted really high quality Nintendo games, which the switch IMMEDIATELY delivered on. We have had Odyssey, Splatoon 2, BOTW, Mario Kart, plenty of 3rd parties, etc in YEAR ONE. The Wii U never had that kind of library. So people rushed out to grab switches as soon as they dropped.

    At the same time. I know plenty of people who are like how I used to feel about it, and didn't wanna buy a Switch because they felt like the money they spent on the Wii U was entirely wasted, which I can feel for. (and still would, if the Switch wasn't so good.)

    So, like I said, maybe it did, maybe it hurt the Switch. We'll see how it pans out.
  7. coolflare

    coolflare The flame of wonder and coolness Pedia Battle King

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    I thinks it does but it bugs me that Nintendo has this odd pattern:

    GameCube didn’t do so well against competition

    Wii dominates Competition

    Wii U was almost as bad as the Virtual Boy

    Switch is doing good and looks like it will only get better

    See the pattern? It’s that Nintendo makes a good selling console but them makes the next one flop afterword. I’m hoping that Nintendo learned from their mistakes and keep making innovative yet GOOD SELLING consoles. I don’t want the next Nintendo console to be trash compared to the PS5 and whatever dumb name Microsoft will give their Xbox (Unless they call it the Xbox 720 which would be fine) Let’s just hope that this pattern has finally come to an end.