Do you think they'll add minigames in Splatoon 3?

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Splatoon 1 and 2 both have minigames, but the difference is that in Splat 1 you can play those games while in the waiting lobby. The Platformer-type minigame was decently fun while waiting for matches. I was kinda sad this feature didn't return, we have the Music game, Squid Beats (which is cool!) but I didn't play it as much. Main reason is because when I go on Splatoon 2, I want to go into matches and utilize my time.

Do you think they'll add lobby minigames back in Splatoon 3, if so what do you think they'll be?
Hopefully they do. I miss the old splatoon 1 minigames they left out in splatoon 2. It's strange they left squid volleyball, squid racing out, and squid jump. It would've also been kinda cool if they brought back the concert mode they had in splatoon 1 but i guess taking pictures with the idols if you have their amiibo is cool to.
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I just wish we can play Mussel Odyssey with Pearl. I don't think they will go that route since it might just play like a regular Mario game. However it's not unheard of like they put smaller games like Warioware in Wario World and NES games in Animal Crossing but I'd imagine it to be like a fan hack somewhere. In my opinion it would be a little distracting playing minigames while waiting and I think the load times would be fast enough by now they would only be a side thing.
I think they will add more minigames, however I'm not sure they will put them in the waiting lobbies. That'd be pretty nice, maybe it'll come back.