Splatoon 2 Favorite Splatoon 2 Multiplayer Mode?

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Splatoon 2 has been such a fun and amazing sequel to the first game. And while Turf War is the main focus of the game, who doesn't love those ranked battle modes? Rain Maker, Tower Control, Splatzones, and even the brand new Salmon Run mode. But which mode is your favorite to play?

Mine would have to be Tower Control. This mode is a true test of skill and strategy as every action a player makes counts. 1 second you could be losing horrifically then a player makes 1 good move and all of a sudden your winning by a landslide. It's a mode where teamwork is vital, very similar to Rain Maker. Everyone is focusing on 1 thing, rather than being spread out all over the place like in other modes. This mode requires you to work together with your team, otherwise, the other players will devastate you.

So I prefer a more closed in mode that makes you take players head on. while defending a certain target. And while Rainmaker is very similar in that regard, defending the tower is much easier than defending a player. But that's just my favorite mode. What about you? What mode do you prefer?
Salmon run is by far the best mode! The usual ranked modes are getting worn out and kinda repetitive. SR isn't always on, but when it comes around, it's the only mode I play! I love to dive straight into the action!. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, and therefore get splatted a lot when I'm surrounded or even fall into water by being knocked in by a Salmonoid. I main a variety of weapons in general, so I do well with pretty much any weapon that I'm forced to use - Although, Chargers and brellas aren't my strong point. I enjoy teaming up with my online friends to collect a load of Golden eggs and take down a load of enemies! The bonuses are quite rewarding as well - Money, ability chunks and exclusive gear are great!
I love salmon run because you're working together as a team instead of going against other players. And it's so satisfying to get those last second wins by dropping the egg in the basket at the last second or being the last person on your team alive. I also like rainmaker a lot. I like it when I sneak past the team and get to their goal while no one notices. But after some games of ranked or salmon run, turf wars is the way to go. It's calming in a way because you can't rank down and you can only get Exp.
My favorite splatoon 2 gamemode is mixed between either splatzones or clam blitz. Both are extreamely fun to play and are addicting to do. Though clam blitz has that unexpectedness to it that i like. Like I'd be lose one second and then be taking the lead near a knockout the next. Though it all works with some good teamwork. I wish they can actually add some good voicechat in the future or something like fortnite has. >->