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shuno-heiwa nintendo fan its Natsu'neko and i would love to hear whats your favorite splatoon character and why?
I like marie from splatoon because she just seems so calm. I'm basing this off her role in splatoon 2 hero mode. And I also like pearl because she seems like a risk-taker and a crazy type. And that seems like a really fun personality. But in the end, my favorite splatoon character is my inkling :p
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I also really like marie because shes calm and collected and she has that sarcastic and sinical nature about her which i love dearly. She'll always be my favorite out of the 4 idols.
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The best design goes to Judd. He has that funny vibe to himself and his weird cartoony look. He needs to have story prevalence in the game. Also being a cat he really sticks out since they aren't aquatic for the most part especially with that waistline.
Marina. Idk something about her is awesome. She's kinda the most humanlike and I think I like that...