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FE Heroes ID sharing and builds for characters or w/e discussion

Discussion in 'Fire Emblem Warriors' started by Tiki, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Tiki

    Tiki Luka Shipper Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    5 coins
    So uh title says it all I think share Heroes ID to add people are just talk strategy if u want I could care less go crazy

    If it uh helps my ID is :7873993926. I think
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  2. Samuel_1802

    Samuel_1802 Nintendo Mobile Game Junkie Hardcore Casual

    Play Coins:
    604 coins
    Ah, sure, why not. My ID: 6604288945

    I've been playing this game every. Single. Day. Since it came out. Since the game doesn't accept my local currency I've been playing F2P this whole time (not that I mind, I wouldn't have spent too much money on it anyways). We get plenty of free Orbs, and for most summoning banner it's just enough to get at least 1 unit I want. Also because of Hero Feathers I've been able to slowly build up my army. I'm sitting at 20 5 star units at the moment! :)

    Right now I'm trying to summon Summer Corrin, I've been wanting to start building a Flier Emblem team for the longest time now, but I wanted to get a Mage Flier first and the only one in the game before now was Spring Camilla who is no longer available. We've also got Valter coming soon in a Grand Hero Battle as well!